The Best Wrestling Fight Shorts In The World

<p>The Limited Edition WrestlingMart Signature Fight Shorts are the product of years of testing, development, and research that went into our team’s quest for the perfect fight short. We call them fight shorts because that’s become the common term for this type of short, but they really are unique – made for wrestlers, by wrestlers. After years of testing different fits, waist pants, fabrics, and design elements, we think we have a winner. We took the best from both worlds, combining the look and feel of stylish board shorts with the rugged durability of fight shorts, and made unique changes to make them wrestling-specific. These bad boys feature four-way stretch fabric for optimal comfort and maneuverability while wrestling. Unlike traditional MMA fight shorts, the waist band is elastic with an internal pull string.&nbsp;</p>

<p>These elements are more crucial for wrestling than you might think. Many fight shorts tend to come with an exact fit-to-size waist band that is secured with Velcro in the front. For wrestlers, the Velcro can become irritating: think of someone running with a tight-waist with Velcro rubbing across their belly. No thanks. Also, having the string on the inside prevents anyone’s fingers from getting tangled in the middle of a scramble. Lastly, the elastic band and four-way stretch fabric makes it much easier to find a size that fits. You won’t have to worry about finding the exact waist size and then end up with loose fitting shorts when you cut weight.</p>

<p>&nbsp;Ok, so what makes them “Limited Edition”? Simply put – this is where we let our designers express their creativity and create exciting, unique patterns and…you guessed it…they’re only available for a limited time! Although we try to produce enough so that anyone who wants a particular design can get their hands on it, we don’t keep them forever. We’re constantly brewing new pattern ideas, color combinations, and themes. This is so that we are always coming out with something new and fresh for those who love to change it up, collect the cool new designs, and show a little flare. If we just kept the same old designs all the time, that would get pretty dull. For all of our graphic patterns, like the USA flag shorts, camo, and others, we used the highest quality sublimation process we could find. All of the graphics are dyed deep in the fabric with rich, vibrant colors that won’t fade or crack like a screen print.</p>

<p>&nbsp;Although fight shorts have mostly been used as training gear or as an alternative to warm-up pants, that is beginning to change. We’ve started to see some wrestling tournaments, and athletic leagues adopt fight shorts with a compression shirt as an acceptable uniform for competition. Some entire states have already officially made this outfit approved for competition for all middle school programs. We think this is a good thing because there’s a potential for young and beginner wrestlers to transition to the sport more comfortably without being pressured to wear a rather revealing singlet mere weeks after learning a double leg. Ready or not, fight shorts are here to stay in the wrestling world, so jump on the bandwagon and grab a pair today!</p>


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