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Close Out Wrestling Shoes

Today is your lucky day, and you didn’t even know it. You have found WrestlingMart’s closeout wrestling shoes page, where we have some of the best deals on quality shoes from top brands like Nike, ASICS and Adidas! We have so many new wrestling shoes coming in all the time, we just don’t have room for all of them. Even though we’d love to hold onto all these awesome shoes forever and ever, that’s just not realistic. Plus, we’d rather make our customers happy by offering huge savings on some killer shoes.

You might be thinking “ok, great…but doesn’t everyone have a closeout page?”. Well yes, but unlike many of our competitors, you won’t find us shoveling out poor quality or defective shoes to our customers just to get rid of them. It is far too common that we see retailers giving unbelievable “deals” on products that are known to be defective, and then won’t accept returns after they fall apart two weeks later. At WrestlingMart, we truly stand behind all of our products. It’s unavoidable that every so often manufacturers come out with a bad production, it’s just the way things go – we all make mistakes. However, we work hard to pay close attention to feedback and trends in returns so that we can stop selling bad products as soon as it comes to our attention. You can also rest assured that if something does fall through the cracks, we have one of the best return policies on the planet, and that applies to everything on our website, including closeout or discontinued shoes.

What if someone else has is cheaper? Yep, we’ll match it! Although we’re constantly working to update our prices to be the best on the market, we’re human and we occasionally have a higher price on our closeout shoes than our competitors. If you’re doing some price shopping, we urge you to consider a few things: 1. Very often, the so-called lower priced website does not actually have the size you’re looking for, and is giving big discounts on size 15’s. We can only match prices if the same model, color, and size are in stock elsewhere. 2. Not everyone has free shipping… but we do. 3. We cannot match prices of unauthorized resellers, used products, or auctions. While we’re on the topic – when it comes to non-closeout shoes, we have contracts with our vendors that do not allow us to sell below a certain price while it’s a current model. Sometimes other resellers will “closeout” current models, therefore violating the pricing agreement with the manufacturer. We do not match those prices.

Sometimes stores and websites do not make a very clear distinction between different types of discounted items. There’s sales, promotions, special discounts, deals, closeouts, etc. When you see a shoe on our site with the “Closeout” banner it means that it is either a colorway or model that has been discontinued for one reason or another. With new designs, colors, and version updates releasing almost every other month, we are constantly getting in new inventory and need to make room. These are not simply the old crummy shoes that no one wants. It’s rare that you’ll see closeout shoes here that are more than one version behind the current model. In fact, very often the shoes in this section are the most current model, and it’s only the colorway that’s being discontinued and replaced with something newer. In either case the classic line stands true: these deals won’t last! If you see something you like, snatch it up today or you’ll be left in the dust because once it’s gone, it’s gone for good. No, we do not keep a secret stash of outdated shoes in stock for after they’re all sold out.

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