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MM #38 Tournament Ankle Bands Red Green 2 Pairs  red green main MatMan #38 Tournament Ankle Bands-Red-Green-2 Pairs $14.99
FX 40 Mini Electronic Whistle 1918 Black  black main Fox 40 Mini Electronic Whistle w/LED Light and Lanyard $19.99
Wrestlers Training Log  grey main The Wrestlers Training Log $19.99
How To Build A Successful HS Program  white main How to Build a Successful HS Program $19.99
Fox 40 Electronic Whistle w/Wrist Lanyard  red main uuuuu(1)5 Fox 40 Electronic Whistle $24.99
FX 40 Electronic Whistle 1928 Black  black main uuuuu(1)5 Fox 40 Electronic Whistle $24.99
Fox 40 Whistles 3 Pack  black main Fox 40 Whistle 3-Pack $21.99
Fox 40 Classic with Cushion Mouth Grip(CMG)  black main uuuuu(1)5 Fox 40 CMG(Cushioned Mouth Grip) Whistle $7.99
Fox 40 Classic Finger Whistle  black main uuuuu(1)5 Fox 40 Classic Whistle w/FingerGrip $8.99
Fox 40 Classic with Cushion Mouth Grip(CMG) w/Lanyard  black main uuuuu(1)5 Fox 40 CMG Whistle w/Lanyard $9.49
Befour Hard Shell Carrying Case  black front Befour Hard Shell Carrying Case $334.99
Befour Soft Nylon Carrying Case  black main Befour Soft Nylon Carrying Case $85.00
Befour Portable Sports Scale  black silver main Befour PS-6600 ST Portable Scale $714.99
Cliff Keen Flip Disc  red green main uuuuu(1)5 Cliff Keen Flip Disc $5.99
Cliff Keen Flip Disc  red blue main uuuuu(1)5 Cliff Keen Flip Disc $5.99
CK Wristbands  red green main uuuuu(1)5 Cliff Keen Wristbands $6.99
CK Wristbands  red blue main uuuuu(1)5 Cliff Keen Wristbands $6.99
Cliff Keen Ankle Bands  green red main uuuuu(1)5 Cliff Keen Ankle Bands $10.00
Cliff Keen Mat Strap  white main CK Mat Strap White $13.99
Cliff Keen Gray Officials V Neck Shirt  grey black main uuuuu(1)5 Cliff Keen Referee Shirt $24.90
Generic Official Whistle and lanyard  silver black main Official Whistle $9.99
Tachikara Porta Score Scoreboard  white green red front Tachikara Portable Folding Scoreboard $39.90
Cliff Keen Score Book  red main uuuuu(2)5 Cliff Keen Scorebook $7.99
Predicament Scorebook 2  red main Predicament Scorebooks 1-5 $21.95
Cliff Keen Score Board  main uuuuu(1)5 Cliff Keen ScoreBoard $109.99
Cliff Keen Timer  white main uuuuu(1)5 Cliff Keen G8 Premium Digital Timer $99.00
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Coaching Gear: All the tools you need to lead your team to victory

“If at first you don’t succeed… try doing what your coach told you to do the first time” – Every wrestling coach, ever.

Wrestling coaches all over the map are called upon by the wrestling gods to be the captain of their ship, and lead their teams to victory. Of course, you don’t have to win a national championship to be considered a great coach. Success can mean many things. For some, it’s trying to have a winning record during a rebuilding year. For others, it might mean creating a safe place to develop and mentor young men and women in tough neighborhoods. Still yet, many are chasing state and national titles. However, the majority of great coaches we’ve come across here at WrestlingMart would probably say that their motivation comes from their passion for the sport, and the belief that wrestling can have a huge impact on the trajectory of a young person’s life by instilling life-long values of hard work, discipline, teamwork, humility, mental toughness, competitiveness, and a huge list of other great lessons. Whatever success as a wrestling coach looks like to you, we are committed to doing our part by making sure you’re equipped with all the right gear, equipment, and materials you need to run your program like a boss.

In our coaching gear section, we offer a wide selection of the things coaches use on a regular basis to run their practices, keep track of stats during the season, run wrestle-offs, dual meets, and tournaments, and take care of all the behind-the-scenes work of a wrestling coach. We know you spend a lot of dough on those mats, so it’s important to maintain them. Here, you’ll find everything you need to do just that, including mops, replacement mop pads, mat cleaner, sprayers, and mat tape in both the 3” and 4” variety. To keep everyone in line during practice, without losing your voice, we have whistles and timers, which you can set for specific times to keep track of your drills and live wrestling. If you’re running a practice match, dual meet, or tournament, we also have plenty of ankle bands, wrist bands, scoreboards, and referee gear – along with the whistles and timers previously mentioned. One type of item that many coaches are very particular about is scorebooks. That is why we have several different scorebooks from Predicament, ASICS, and Cliff Keen which each have a different number of pages and layouts to meet your specific needs.

We work with top manufactures and brands of high-quality coaching gear, including WrestlingMart, Cliff Keen, ASICS, Tachikara, Kennedy, Matman, Nike, Adidas, and more to provide you with the stuff you need to get the job done. Please keep in mind, what you see on this page or our website may not be entirely representative of our full product offering. If there is something that you’re looking for and don’t see here, there is a very good chance that we carry it.

If you have any questions about our products, or how to place team orders with us, please give us a call at 888-887-8893 or email

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