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Caulicure: The best solution for curing cauliflower ear.

No one likes dealing with Cauliflower Ear, so we created a simple solution to prevent it.

What is “The Caulicure Advanced Compression System”, and how can it help you minimize the amount of effort and money you put into to dealing with ear damage?

On and off the mats, we provide everything needed to safely compress your ear without spending one moment on the side lines.

The kit contains 8 compression discs in various sizes to fit almost every spot on the human ear. The system is simple, effective, and works in 3 ways to provide prevention and protection from developing rigid or deformed ear tissue.

First, the system prevents Cauliflower Ear, by providing compression to damaged ear tissue "before" it has a chance to fill with fluid, or immediately after it’s drained.

Second, it keeps the damaged area from refilling and allows you to continue your training or competition uninterrupted.

And third, the system is reusable for as many applications as is needed, with zero down time.

Why choose the Caulicure Advanced Compression System?

The system has the following benefits.

• It’s Re-Usable
• Requires zero drugs, oral antibiotics stitches or surgeries.
• Provides safe compression on and off the mats, in almost any spot on the ear
• And most importantly, Caulicure allows YOU to take control of your ears

Here’s how it works:

Choose the right size discs from Caulicure™️ RESTORE and apply before the ear fills, or after the ear has been drained.

These should be worn 24/7 with an ear inspection when you wake up and when you go to bed.

The compression band is provided to secure the discs on your ear while you sleep.

We already mentioned the common theme or inability to take a break to heal up injuries, so here’s where the Caulicure™️ ACTIVE discs come into play.

Use the ACTIVE discs under your headgear and remove after training or competition.

It’s that easy.

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