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Wrestlingmart 3 inch Tournament Mat Tape  24 Roll Case  24-rolls main WrestlingMart 3 Inch 6mil Tournament Mat Tape-24-rolls $6.00 Per Roll $144.00
WrestlingMart 4 Inch Mat Tape Case  24-rolls main uuuuu(2)5 WrestlingMart 4 Inch Mat Tape-24-rolls $8.86 Per Roll $212.64
WrestlingMart 4 Inch Mat Tape 3 Pack  3-rolls main uuuuu(2)5 WrestlingMart 4 Inch Mat Tape-3-rolls $13.00 Per Roll $39.00
WrestlingMart 3 Inch Mat Tape Case  24-rolls main uuuuu(2)5 WrestlingMart 3 Inch Mat Tape-24-rolls $6.50 Per Roll $156.00
WrestlingMart 3 Inch Mat Tape 3 Pack  3-rolls main uuuuu(2)5 WrestlingMart 3 Inch Mat Tape-3-rolls $10.17 Per Roll $30.50
MatMan Mat Tape Case  18-rolls uuuuu(1)5 Matman 4 inch Mat Tape-18-rolls $11.10 Per Roll $199.80
MatMan Mat Tape Case  24-rolls uuuuu(1)5 Matman 3 Inch Mat Tape -24-rolls $8.33 Per Roll $199.92
Cliff Keen 4 Inch Mat Tape 18 Rolls  18-rolls main Cliff Keen 4 in. Gorilla Grip™ Mat Tape-18-rolls $15.50 Per Roll $279.00
Cliff Keen 3 Inch Mat Tape 24 Rolls  24-rolls main Cliff Keen 3 in. Gorilla Grip™ Mat Tape-24-rolls $11.00 Per Roll $264.00
Matman Striping Tape Orange  orange main Matman Striping Tape-orange-2-inch $14.99
Matman Striping Tape Royal  royal-blue main Matman Striping Tape-royal-blue-2-inch $14.99
Matman Striping Tape White  white main Matman Striping Tape-white-2-inch $14.99
Matman Striping Tape Green  kelly-green main Matman Striping Tape-kelly-green-2-inch $14.99
Matman Striping Tape Red  red main Matman Striping Tape-red-2-inch $14.99
Matman Striping Tape Yellow  yellow main Matman Striping Tape-yellow-2-inch $14.99
Matman Striping Tape Black  black main Matman Striping Tape-black-2-inch $14.99
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Choosing The Right Mat Tape

Mat tape is one of the most important items in the sport of wrestling and beyond.  It really is perfect for any sport or event in need of an adhesive to hold down or hold together non-porous surfaces without leaving a residue. Almost all mat tape, including our own, is composed of PolyVinyl Chloride (PVC) tape with a synthetic rubber adhesive. To keep everything together and looking smooth and shiny, the backing is made of a thin Polyethylene Film. When you add all these things together you get a very durable and completely transparent material that can hold any two mats together.

Keeping your mats taped is extremely important for a couple main reasons: the safety of your wrestlers, and the health of your mats. Without taping your mats down and together, they will almost immediately start to shift around once you get a few people wrestling on them. This makes it super easy for a wrestler to fall or get taken down into a gap in the mats, causing serious injury. All it takes is one knee, elbow, foot, or head to land in the wrong place to ruin someone’s day.

Also, keeping your wrestling mats secured properly will help to extend the life of your mats. It’s so much easier for them to get scratched up or damaged if they are allowed to constantly be shifting around.

When deciding which mat tape to get, make sure you carefully look at the dimensions. Between different brands and models, there may be differences between thickness and width. Both our 3” and 4” tape is 8mils thick, which is the standard for durable and re-usable mat tape. There is some mat tape out there that is a little thinner but it does not last long at all. Both 3” and 4” tape can be used for practice or competition mats. However, In general, most folks choose to use three inch tape for tournaments and four inch for the practice mats since they tend to stay put longer.

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