Adidas Mat Wizard 5 Description- Abracadabra, Alakazam, Make Me a Shoe, As High Level as I Am!

The wizards over at Adidas have cast their most magical spell yet by summoning the brand-new Adidas Mat Wizard 5. The fifth version to their line of wizardry is perhaps their best as it appears they have finally been able to perfect the model of shoe that captures not only rugged traction but also clocks in at a freakishly low weight. A feat that’s nearly impossible without some wizard hats, magic wands, and robes covered in stars.

Visually similar to the Mat Wizard 4 that appeared in 2018, which was known for its unique look and use of materials, the Mat Wizard 4 utilized a plastic overlay material on the upper that provided abrasion resistant protection. However, this technology also seemed to greatly reduce flexibility and increased the weight. When you laced up the previous model, they just felt clunky.

The new Mat Wizard 5 has made some much-needed adjustments, cementing itself to the top of the Adidas Wrestling lineup. Deciding to keep with the anatomical shaped design, while also ditching the abrasion protection plastic (we commend the innovative ideas though, keep it up Adidas), the new Mat Wizard has gone back to their roots with a suede and mesh upper. These materials have donned the likes of some of the most popular Adidas models ever and are Adidas’s bread and butter. Without these materials on an Adidas shoe, it’s like a Wizard without his wand. These allow the upper to have the most premium feel of any shoe from Adidas and keeps them much more breathable than their predecessor.

Completed up top with a magically deep lace pocket, the Mat Wizard 5 slips your laces comfortably inside the tongue in seconds to allow you to get back to disappearing on your opponents. And we haven't even started on the bottom of the shoe. The Mat Wizard is Adidas’s answer to the grip craze of the past few years. Traditionally the industry leader with their split sole design that had been almost unchanged since the 80’s, Adidas shocked everyone when they released a full-sole wrestling boot. Not only that, but it didn’t sacrifice in weight or flexibility either. Weighing in close with the Combat Speed, but nearly twice the grip, the Mat Wizard uses medial and lateral drive zones that allow for maximum contact with the mat in all conditions. With durable rubber wrapping the entire bottom of the foot and up to the ankle, you’ll have footing no matter where you are. Driving up a double leg, upside down in a sticky scramble, searching for traction on a slick mat, or levitating behind your opponent, the high grip of the Mat Wizard 5 does it all.

Coming in three colors that can match to any school, style, or preference, the Mat Wizard 5 gives you everything you need to be the best, with nothing that you don't. With a price point well below many other premium high-level shoes, these are a perfect bang for your buck for the upcoming season. If it's an otherworldly experience on the mat that you’re after, the Adidas Mat Wizard 5 just might be the spell you’re looking for. 

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Men's, Youth
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LowHigh Outsole Height BeginnerAdvancedCompetition Level LowMediumHigh Grip LowMediumHigh Flexibility NormalExtra Wide Width LightStandardHeavy Shoe Weight

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