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Dude, those are sick! Are those the new Adidas Mat Wizard Youth!? Where did you get them?

Yep, that’s what your little one is going to be hearing from all his teammates as soon as they walk into the wrestling room with their brand-new Youth version of the Adidas Mat Wizard. Why? Because this is one of the highest quality wrestling shoes available to youth wrestlers – not to mention good-lookin’. The Mat Wizard’s unique design was originally created with the input of David “Magicman” Taylor to ensure that it would keep up with the demands of one of the world’s greatest wrestlers.

The first thing you’ll notice about this shoe is the outsole - there’s nothing else like it. Well… except for other models from Adidas that came out after they realized how amazing this new, revolutionary outsole was. The full-length outsole is made up of many small, flowing, molded rubber teeth that are overlaid on top of a very flexible fabric base layer. This means you get amazing grip all around, without sacrificing anything in the way of flexibility. The grip also wraps up on the inner side of the shoes to prevent any slipping from a staggered stance. In the past, wrestlers had to choose between having enough grip, and having enough flex in the shoes to move with ease through positions. Now you can have both.

The upper was designed with high performance, style, and durability in mind. The unmistakable three Adidas stripes double as TPU supports that help make the shoes last longer and keep their shape while providing a sturdy fit. Under those stripes is a layer of breathable mesh that wraps along either side of the upper and allows your little wrestler’s feet to ventilate while they’re out there laying the SmackDown on their opponents. The “base” areas of the upper are made of synthetic leather and synthetic fabric made for performance, offering a comfy, sock-like fit. The laces and ankle support come up fairly high to provide a secure fit, but not so high that it feels immobilizing. It’s the perfect balance.

On the inside, the Mat Wizard youth is reinforced with super comfy foam around the heel, and lined with a soft yet durable fabric that is made to hold up to intense training, sweat and the abuse shoes take from the daily grind. The die-cut EVA midsole offers stability, and a slightly raised heel, which helps you stay on your forefoot and ready to attack!

The Adidas Mat Wizard Youth wrestling shoe is unisex and is available in sizes 1.5-6. There is a little bit of overlap with the sizing between youth and adult. Adult sizes of this shoe ranges from size 4 to size 16. Unfortunately, it does not come in the smaller kids sizes like some other youth wrestling shoes; that is because this shoe is really meant for more experienced youth wrestlers that have outgrown the entry level pair that they started out with. Snag a pair of Youth Mat Wizards today and step into a whole new level on your journey to greatness!

Disclaimer: this description refers often to kids/youth wrestlers, but we are aware that there are plenty of adults and female wrestlers with smaller feet who also shop this size range. If this is you, we know that you are not a child. And you’re awesome.

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  • 08 Dec, 2017 Wrestler
    u u u u u
    Fit Survey
    :Runs little big

    Sweet shoes but only held up for 2 months of daily practice before soles were gone and tongues broke out.

    T 0
  • 05 Jul, 2017 Wrestler
    u u u u u

    Shoes are very durable and have held up under serious abuse my son put them through!

    T 0
  • 16 Jun, 2017 Wrestler
    u u u u u

    Lightweight sturdy shoes. Large sizes that fit well. Great grip on the mat. Gives good plant.

    T 0
  • Question byTC
    on 08 Oct, 2018

    How is the sizing? Do you recommend a half size or a size larger in adidas wrestling shoes

    It would be good to go a half size up.

    Answered by Products on 08 Oct, 2018

    TC question solvedSolved T 0
  • Question bymax
    on 22 Sep, 2017

    I'm looking for a wrestling shoe size 1youth maybe as big as 1and a half or 2 our school colors are black and orange we currently have a black pair of Nike and Adidas size children 13 he was a 1 youth sneaker im trying find something different that nobody else has we live in a small town so all the little wrestlers have the same shoe

    The Mat Wizards only begin at a size 1.5. The colors on the website for the youth Mat Wizards are the only colors that Adidas came out with. These shoes are a big hit with the little kids since now they have another option to choose from rather then the standard Asics Matflex or the Adidas HVC.

    Answered by Products on 22 Sep, 2017

    max question solvedSolved T 0
  • Question byShane
    on 21 Sep, 2017

    How do these sizes compare to Asics?

    Both shoe companies are great. But the Mat Wizads have better grip than some of the Asics shoes out there. The Adidas also have a higher upper sole so the ankles can be nice and supported.

    Answered by Products on 22 Sep, 2017

    Shane question solvedSolved T 0
  • Question byDominique
    on 02 Aug, 2017

    Hello, The description for the color of these shoes ready red/black/yellow but in the picture it looks orange. Can you please verify if its more red or orange. Thank you

    Joey P.'s picture

    The color is more of an orange hue. I believe Adidas calls the shoe "Energy Red".

    Answered by Joey P. on 02 Aug, 2017

    Dominique question solvedSolved T 0
  • Question byMatt Morris
    on 27 Jun, 2017

    Can you do a custom team color. These shoes are awesome

    Joey P.'s picture

    Unfortunately, all the colors that are on the website are made by the manufacturer. We do not decide the color of the shoes, we only provide what the companies have to offer. I do apologize for the inconvenience.

    Answered by Joey P. on 29 Jun, 2017

    Matt Morris question solvedSolved T 0
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