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Adidas Tech Fall: The elite wrestler's dream come true

The Adidas Tech Fall is hands down the most comfortable and technically advanced wrestling shoe that Adidas has ever put on the market. It has taken some of the best elements from previous standout models like the upper mesh of the Varner and the sole of the Mat Wizard and added new feature to create something brand new to the wrestling world. The breathable ankle insert that appears to be a small speaker (it’s not, sorry), is there for added protection and stability. The entire upper is made of an extremely lightweight and high performance mesh. It offers great comfort and support, like a firm yet gentle hug on your foot. Adidas’ revolutionary triaxle outsole offers outstanding grip. Its medial and lateral drive zones ensure steady and consistent contact with the mat and traction at all angles. As most of us are aware, a “technical fall” in wrestling is when you’re dominating so hard that the refs have to stop the match. That is pretty much what the Adidas Tech-Fall has been doing to every other shoe out there.

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Men's, Women's
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LowHigh Outsole Height BeginnerAdvancedCompetition Level LowMediumHigh Grip LowMediumHigh Flexibility NormalExtra Wide Width LightStandardHeavy Shoe Weight

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  • 16 Jun, 2017 Wrestler
    u u u u u

    One of the best shoes invented. Light, quick, a true eye catcher, and one of the most wanted shoes around. These shoes will be making your coach want a pair. These shoes are meant to be worn by one of the best in state, if not the nation. Own a pair an it's guaranteed a real eye catcher.

    T 1
  • 14 Apr, 2017 Wrestler
    u u u u u

    Very clean, but gets dirty fast. Great grip and is very durable.

    T 0
  • 06 Oct, 2016 Wrestler
    u u u u u
    Fit Survey
    : Normal Width

    T 0
  • Question byAsher
    on 10 Jul, 2018

    So the adidas rio tech falls are never going to be in stock?

    The Rio Colored Tech Fall will no longer be restocked by Adidas. That specific color was only around for the Olympics.

    Answered by Products on 10 Jul, 2018

    Asher question solvedSolved T 0
  • Question byGabby
    on 28 Oct, 2017

    When will the tech falls be back in stock

    Joey P.'s picture

    We will no longer be bringing in anymore Tech Falls. Adidas has discontinued the shoe.

    Answered by Joey P. on 30 Oct, 2017

    Gabby question solvedSolved T 0
  • Question byreg
    on 02 Jun, 2017

    are the sizes sized in men or women numbers?

    All the shoes on the website are in men sizes.

    Answered by Products on 05 Jun, 2017

    reg  question solvedSolved T 0
  • Question byColin
    on 09 Apr, 2017

    What's the durability on these like? Could they be a practice and tournament shoe ur just tournament

    Joey P.'s picture

    The durability on these shoes is okay. You can wear them for both practice and tournaments, they just will hold up as much. If you are going to wear them for tournament only then they will hold up alot longer.

    Answered by Joey P. on 10 Apr, 2017

    Colin question solvedSolved T 0
  • Question byAngela
    on 06 Dec, 2016

    Do you carry any wide width men's wrestling shoes? Thank you

    Joey P.'s picture

    There is only one specific shoe that is considered wide, and that is the Snapdown (wide). The only thing is that ASICS is out of stock of this shoe at the moment. Another good choice for wide shoes would be the Nike Takedown and the Adidas Mat Wizard. Working with alot of the kids in store, we have come to find that these two shoes are a good choice for wrestlers with wide feet.

    Answered by Joey P. on 06 Dec, 2016

    Angela question solvedSolved T 0
  • Question byDonna
    on 22 Aug, 2016

    My son received a size 9 of Tech Fall and LOVES the shoe, but there is about an inch of extra room at the toe. How much smaller is a size 8.5 versus a size 9? Just wondering if we should exchange for an 8.5 or size 8?

    Joey's picture

    The Adidas Tech Fall is an awesome shoe! I am sorry to hear that the size wasn't right. If there truly is a full inch of extra room, it's probably best to get the size 8. The difference between a size 9 and size 8 is slightly less than a half inch, or closer to one centimeter. 

    Answered by Joey on 23 Aug, 2016

    Donna question solvedSolved T 0
  • Question byJ Johnson
    on 24 May, 2016

    Do you think there will be more colors in the future?

    Dave Applegate's picture

    We get sneak peaks of upcoming shoe designs and colors at WrestlingMart since we work so closely with manufacturers like Adidas. We have not seen any upcoming Tech Fall colors yet. If Adidas decides to add new colors to the Tech Fall, it will not be until after Christmas 2016 : )

    Answered by Dave Applegate on 25 May, 2016

    J Johnson  question solvedSolved T 0
  • Question byevan bouma
    on 28 Apr, 2016

    hello my name is evan bouma i was just wondering at your store in irvine do you have most of the shoes shown on your website

    Joey's picture

    Evan, yes we do carry all the same shoes in our showroom as we do online, including the Adidas Tech Fall, once it becomes available. We do not have any pre-order shoes in store before they are available to be shipped. Please feel free to call us or email us with any questions about a specific shoe. Thanks!

    Answered by Joey on 03 May, 2016

    evan bouma question solvedSolved T 1
  • Question byAlec
    on 07 Apr, 2016

    What is the differences between the Rio tech falls and these ones?

    Dave Applegate's picture

    There is no functional difference between the Adidas Tech Fall Rio and the Adidas Tech Fall. The Rio edition of the Tech Fall is Adidas' limited edition designed specifically for Adidas athletes to wear during the summer Rio Olympics : )

    Answered by Dave Applegate on 08 Apr, 2016

    Alec question solvedSolved T 0
  • Question bySam
    on 09 Mar, 2016

    When will they be shipped? I dont know when exactly summer of 2016 is, will it be in June?

    Dave Applegate's picture

    We are expected to get the Adidas Tech Falls in June at the same time as all other vendors. However, shoe ship dates from ASICS, Adidas and Nike have been prone to delays the past few years. We have samples of the Tech Falls sitting in our retail showroom. Everybody keeps commenting on how cool they are. They will be worth the wait! : )

    Answered by Dave Applegate on 14 Mar, 2016

    Sam question solvedSolved T 0
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