ASICS Aggressor 4: Back to the Rulon's Grip

It takes a lot for a shoe to be loved so much that it gets a complete overhaul four times! That is exactly what ASICS has done with the release of the brand-new Aggressor 4 line. Back in the day, ASICS revolutionized wrestling shoe technology with the release of the “Rulon” model wrestling shoe - named after Greco Roman Olympic Gold Medalist and heavy weight, Rulon Gardner. With his design and specifics in mind, the ASICS Rulon, with ultimate grip and durability, allowed him to be able to get the most power out of his performance and, pull off one of the biggest upsets of all time. With its unmatched durability, traction, and slick looks, the shoe was a best seller. After the shoe was discontinued, one of our biggest complaints over previous Aggressors went something like this: “Why aren’t the new Aggressors as great as my Rulon’s were?” Well just like true love, when you set something free, it will always return, and it has in the new Aggressor 4.

The brand-new Aggressor 4 features an all new tread model layout that is as close as it can get to the smoother and stickier rubber that brought the original all of its fame and fortune. If there was ever a question if the Aggressor could get even more traction, then the answer is most definitely yes. The sole rises up high on the ankle just like it has in past models and provides some of the best traction of any wrestling shoe on the market. Period. ASICS truly listened to the people on this one and went back to their roots in developing the durability and traction of these shoes. Moving up from the outsole, ASICS has completely redone the upper with improved mesh breathability. Partnered with the big classic ASICS logo that adorned its predecessors, the Aggressor 4 will be an all-around classic. Starting at the tongue and moving down, ASICS has chosen to keep its classic lacing garage system that allows the wearer to quickly and cleanly tuck away their laces. The tongue also sports a build of ultra-breathable mesh that allows for ultra comfort with no unnecessary bunching. Down to the top of the toe box, ASICS has kept their traditional reinforced toe fabric that allows for maximum durability while you’re dragging your toes, scoring those takedowns right on the edge. The shoe is truly versatile, sported by our own athletes representing the great US of A at the world level, and by any wrestler who is just starting out. Whatever kind of wrestler you are, the Aggressor 4 will never be a bad bet. Finally, with at least three colorways to choose from including: black and white, triple white and black, white and Kelly green - these shoes can match almost anything, and you can rest assured that there will be a color that fits everyone. The Aggressor 4 can guarantee you will be turning heads while you’re cranking necks on the mat

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Velcro, Pouch
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    What the WrestlingMart Team Says About The - ASICS Aggressor 4

    Joey P.'s picture

    Joey P.

    Customer Service Rockstar

    The ASICS Aggressor 4 is by far the best shoe when it comes to durability and grip! It does take a few practices to break them in, but well worth it(speaking from experience). The Aggressor is also a great shoe for practice and competition.

    Corey Griego's picture

    Corey Griego

    Corey Griego

    The Asics Aggressor 4’s are an awesome shoe that have everything you could want in a wrestling shoe with arguably the best grip coverage, high ankle support, and great durability.

  • 11 Nov, 2019 Wrestler
    u u u u u

    They are comfortable once they are broken in. Lots of grip and good ankle support.

    T 1
  • 20 Aug, 2019 Wrestler
    u u u u u


    T 0
  • 10 May, 2019 Wrestler
    u u u u u

    They a little heavy but they got hella grip, all around good shoe

    T 2
  • 14 Feb, 2019 Wrestler
    u u u u u

    The thick one-soled shoe really controls and sticks to the mat; it sticks in one place. Inside, they are very comfortable and easy to adapt to.

    T 0
  • 27 Dec, 2018 Wrestler
    u u u u u

    I like the design of the shoe and also the color.

    T 2
  • 27 Dec, 2018 Wrestler
    u u u u u

    They have good grip and hold together very well. I've had them for two years and they still are tight and look brand new.

    T 4
  • 15 Oct, 2018 Wrestler
    u u u u u

    They lasted me a pretty long time, 2 years to be specific. I recommend them. Love the grip on them; won't slip as much as other shoes when the mats are wet.

    T 2
  • 15 Oct, 2018 Wrestler
    u u u u u

    These shoes look really nice. They have lots of grip and they fit great. Nice colors too.

    T 5
  • 15 Oct, 2018 Wrestler
    u u u u u

    These shoes have lots of grip. They are also very durable for competition and matches. They also look really nice.

    T 3
  • 31 Aug, 2018 Wrestler
    u u u u u
    Fit Survey
    : Normal Width


    T 4
  • 17 Jul, 2018 Wrestler
    u u u u u
    Fit Survey
    :Runs little small

    Great shoe but runs smaller than past aggressors so now I have to return (pay) and get a bigger size. My son loves the white shoe! Great price too.

    T 3
  • 14 Jul, 2018 Wrestler
    u u u u u
    Fit Survey
    : Runs Narrow

    Shoes are nice looking. Very narrow across the top of my foot. Had to return them.

    T 8
  • 11 Jul, 2018 Wrestler
    u u u u u

    The Aggressor is a durable, well-made shoe. They fit true to size and are lighter than some of the others. Overall, WrestlingMart has a great selection and outstanding customer service! PS: They need more stuff though :)

    T 6
  • Question byhighschool srud
    on 20 Sep, 2020

    will you guys order in more white ones?

    Unfortunately, the white and black ASICS Aggressor 4 has been discontinued, so we will not be able to order more.

    Answered by Products on 21 Sep, 2020

    highschool srud question solvedSolved T 1
  • Question byyoung wrestlers
    on 20 Sep, 2020

    if my freeks are a 9.5 what size shld I get?

    As long as the 9.5 fits well, you should get a 9.5 in the Aggressors. However, the Aggressor 4 is a narrow shoe.

    Answered by Products on 21 Sep, 2020

    young wrestlers  question solvedSolved T 0
  • Question byVivian
    on 09 Jul, 2019

    When are the orange and black on pre order scheduled to ship?

    The new colors are now in stock at ASICS. You may place an order on our website and we can place a drop ship through ASICS for the shoes.

    Answered by Products on 10 Jul, 2019

    Vivian question solvedSolved T 0
  • Question byConner Morris
    on 25 Jun, 2019

    When will this colorway be released so I know when I will receive this item.

    They are set to arrive in our warehouse in about 2-3 weeks. They will be available for order once they arrive to our warehouse.

    Answered by Products on 26 Jun, 2019

    Conner Morris question solvedSolved T 0
  • Question byAden
    on 04 Feb, 2019

    Can someone explain the rules behind the return policy?

    Here is the link for returning product.

    If the shoes you order do not fit correctly you may send them back for a different size.

    Answered by Products on 06 Feb, 2019

    Aden question solvedSolved T 1
  • Question byNico Desalvo
    on 30 Jan, 2019

    When will you put the shoe to a size 4 or 4.5

    Unfortunately, ASICS did not come out with size 4 or 4.5 in the new colors. The smallest size they go down to is a 5.

    Answered by Products on 31 Jan, 2019

    Nico Desalvo  question solvedSolved T 0
  • Question byWtabaldo
    on 30 Jan, 2019

    Do these not come in 6.5?

    The Aggressors do come in a 6.5. We are waiting for our full run to arrive from ASICS.

    Answered by Products on 31 Jan, 2019

    Wtabaldo question solvedSolved T 0
  • Question byMarkus
    on 25 Oct, 2018

    If my shoes don't fit how would i return them?

    If the shoes do not fit you may send them back for a return or an exchange. Please follow the link to our return policy

    Answered by Products on 25 Oct, 2018

    Markus question solvedSolved T 0
  • Question byKayden
    on 23 Oct, 2018

    How do these fit compared to the 3’s?

    They are pretty much the same. They just touched up the upper sole of the shoe.

    Answered by Products on 24 Oct, 2018

    Kayden question solvedSolved T 0
  • Question byHeather
    on 16 Oct, 2018

    My son is 10 years old and wears a regular shoe size 5 youth. The shoe that he has picked out doesn’t show youth sizes but on the men’s chart you have as small as a size 4 listed. His last wrestling shoe was the aggressor 3 I believe and it was a 4.5 but I can’t remember if it was a youth specific shoe. Would I just order him a 5 in the men’s or is that going to be a completely different size than he needs?

    You'll be fine ordereing the adult size 5. The youth and adult sizing for some shoes overlap.

    Answered by Products on 17 Oct, 2018

    Heather question solvedSolved T 2
  • Question byStrangerwithaquestion
    on 13 Oct, 2018

    Which ones do y'all like more black or white?

    All the colors are pretty cool, but the black/black ones are better looking.

    Answered by Products on 15 Oct, 2018

    Strangerwithaquestion question solvedSolved T 2
  • Question byStrangerwithaquestion
    on 12 Oct, 2018

    How would I clean the white ones?

    Here is a link to help you clean your shoes.

    Answered by Products on 12 Oct, 2018

    Strangerwithaquestion question solvedSolved T 2
  • Question byTanuki
    on 19 Sep, 2018

    I'm seriously considering buying a pair of these to replace my Matflex 5s which I use for powerlifting. How do these fit compared to the Matflexs? How well would they stretch to accommodate a wide foot? For background, I wear a size 8.5 4E for walking shoes, and went with a size 10 for my Matflexs, which started off a bit narrow but eventually conformed to that nice sock-like fit.

    The Aggressor is a major step up from the Matflex. The Aggressor has the best grip out there compared to any wrestling shoes on the market.The Aggressor 4 have actually been running a bit narrow. We've had customer come in store to try them on and all have said they run a bit narrow. The Aggressor 4 would not be a good fit if you have wider feet.

    Answered by Products on 19 Sep, 2018

    Tanuki question solvedSolved T 1
  • Question byDudley
    on 06 Aug, 2018

    When are we going to be able to order the red on red option?

    We currently do not have an official release date for the red Aggressor 4. ASICS is currently updating the shoe and have not given us the clear to put them up for pre-order.

    Answered by Products on 07 Aug, 2018

    Dudley question solvedSolved T 1
  • Question byTanuki
    on 16 Jul, 2018

    Any word on other color options coming to this shoe? The shoe itself looks beastly but I'm not super hot on the colors available as of yet, particularly the white treads on EVERY model. I'd love either a fully blacked out shoe, or something in a red/white combination, or maybe even blue and white.

    At the moment that is all the colors that Asics has come out with.

    Answered by Products on 17 Jul, 2018

    Tanuki question solvedSolved T 2
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