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Adidas Adult Hair Cover  black black white main uuuu(2)4.5 Adidas Hair Cover-Adult $21.99
Adidas Youth Hair Cover  black main Adidas Hair Cover-Youth $21.99
WrestlingMart Hair Cap  red main uuuu(2)4.5 WrestlingMart Hair Cap $18.99
WrestlingMart Hair Cap  black main uuuu(2)4.5 WrestlingMart Hair Cap $18.99
WrestlingMart Hair Cap  royal-blue main uuuu(2)4.5 WrestlingMart Hair Cap $18.99
Matman #12Y Youth Hair Cap  black black white main Matman Youth Hair Cap $18.99
Matman Hair Cap  red main uuuuu(5)5 Matman Adult Hair Cap $18.99
matman 12 hair cap  black Black uuuuu(5)5 Matman Adult Hair Cap $18.99
Matman hair cap  royal-blue main uuuuu(5)5 Matman Adult Hair Cap $18.99
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Hair Nets: Hair covers to keep your long, crazy, unruly hair tucked away while wrestling

If there’s one thing that wrestlers with long hair know, it is this: hair and wrestling don’t play well together. Long hair can easily get pulled, tangled, caught, knotted, twisted, and otherwise messed up. Even if you tightly corn-row or braid your hair, you’re most likely going to come away from the match looking like Johnny Depp in Edward Scissorhands, or the lead singer of a heavy metal band. All it takes is a few hand fighting or bridging drills to figure out how annoying hair can be for a wrestler. Fortunately, there are two wonderful options for solving this problem. The first, and most common solution is hair clippers. Simply ask a sibling or parent to grab some clippers, and give you a proper buzzcut. It’s very effective, and makes you look tough. For everyone else who would rather keep their long, wavy, perfectly feathered hair, there are wrestling hair caps.

Back when dinosaurs roamed the earth, hair caps were not always mandatory; they did exist and were commonly used, especially by the growing number of female wrestlers. For many years, hair caps were required for folks with “hair below the earlobe,” but the rule was not strictly enforced or very specific as to what type of hair caps were acceptable. While this was helpful in getting everyone’s hair tucked away before the match, hair caps were constantly falling off or getting tangled up in headgear straps. This was annoying for everyone because referees were regularly stopping matches to let the wrestlers readjust or simply throw off the hair net altogether. Ugh!

Somewhere along the lines, some genius came up with a great idea, and wrestling gear manufacturers started making hair caps with built-in loops that allowed wrestlers to fasten their hair caps to their headgear. We’re not sure who did it first, but Matman and Cliff Keen both had a similar product around the same time. We’ll let them wrestle over whose idea it was. This new style became a huge hit and, soon after, other manufacturers followed suit. Most notably, Adidas came out with a unique twist on this concept and created a hair cover that wraps all the way under the chin and attaches to both the chin strap and one of the top straps, while leaving the ear area open for better hearing. Nice!

Once the rule makers of the wrestling world caught wind of this trend, they did what they do best…they made a rule. In 2015, the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) made a new rule that required all wrestling hair covers to be attached to the headgear during wrestling matches. Being as WrestlingMart is located in Southern California, where women’s wrestling is hugely popular, we knew we were going to have to stock up on hair caps when this happened. However, it wasn’t until this hair cap rule was enforced that we truly understood just how many female wrestlers there were. We literally were selling out of hair caps every week for months, faster than our vendors could make them. Now we keep a heavy stock of hair caps available at all times, from a variety of brands and in a variety of colors. We can even make custom hair caps for team orders.

If you have any questions about wrestling hair caps, please give us a call at 888-887-8893 or email support@wrestlingmart.com.

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