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Cliff Keen Twister Headgear:

The Cliff Keen Twister Headgear is for the wrestler who means business, and it’s trying to overcomplicate things. The two solid, double-wide straps are all you need to keep it securely fastened and ready for action. You might not even realize you have it on by the end of your match because they’re so comfortable! It’s ultra-lightweight and low profile, giving you a swift and streamlined approach for your attacks. It comes with extra soft foam pads, and a patented Air Vent System to keep your ears cool and dry. Whether you want to hear your coach or not, you’ll definitely be able to with the high-tech hearing system. You’ll be able to hear like a fox. As with all Cliff Keen models, this can be adapted to fit a chin cup and/or strap holder, which come separately

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Manufacturer :
Manufacturer SKU :
Headgear Sizing :
Manufacturer's Color :
This headgear is completely customize-able. Please contact us if you would like a color variation not described in the pictures.
Material :
Plastic outer shell, Foam inside shell, PowerTab strapping system
Strap Technology :
Number of Straps :
Styling :
Washing & Care Instructions :
Wipe down with anti-bacterial & anti-fungal wipes to prevent ringworm and other skin conditions
LowHigh Sound Clarity EasyHard Adjustability LowHigh Sweat Resistance NormalDeep Cup Profile EasyComplicated Easiness to Clean

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  • 30 Aug, 2017 Wrestler
    u u u u u

    This headgear has lasted me 4 years and I still use it. It often gets pulled on my face but I think that's normal. It is durable and lightweight.

    T 1
  • Question byShawn
    on 04 Nov, 2017

    is this headgear still available & are the ear & chin pads replaceable?

    Joey P.'s picture

    These headgears have been discontinued. Cliff Keen has made a new headgear called the Fusion which is similar in style. It has the same features as the Twister.

    Answered by Joey P. on 06 Nov, 2017

    Shawn question solvedSolved T 0
  • Question byLuis_132k
    on 20 Mar, 2017

    I have the tornado headgear which I only used for about 2 weeks I would like this headgear instead and I was wondering if I can return get cash back or in store credit ?

    Joey P.'s picture

    The Cliff Keen Twister Headgear is no longer available. Cliff Keen has discontinued that headgear. They have came out with a new headgear that is called the Fusion. It is similar to the Twister with the wide top strap. Cliff Keen have combined the Signature, Tornado and the Twister together to make the Fusion.

    Answered by Joey P. on 25 Mar, 2017

    Luis_132k question solvedSolved T 0
  • Question byrajdeep
    on 14 Dec, 2016

    My ears are cutted ( torned ) from behind every time during wrestling practice. Which head gear should i have to purchase for wrestling practice, to protect my ears from bhehin cuts..

    Dave Applegate's picture

    Which headgear are you currently wearing? And where exactly on the headgear is it cutting you?

    Answered by Dave Applegate on 16 Dec, 2016

    rajdeep question solvedSolved T 0
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